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… for the name of my novel, I mean.

I thought of the name “Good People in Bad Times” as an homage of sorts to Toronto’s LGBT theatre, Buddies in Bad Times. But I’ve never really been easy with it. It just seems so cumbersome and blah. Therefore, I have come up with these alternate titles:

  1. I Deserve Better
  2. How Graziano Buonfiglio Reclaimed Himself
  3. G.T.A.
  4. The Italo-Canadian Experience as Seen Through the Eyes of a 28 Year Old Gay Boy/Man
  5. The Good Son of Toronto
  6. Family Portrait
  7. Seasons Change
  8. Three Months in the Life of Graziano Buonfiglio
  9. 28YO
  10. My Name is Graziano Buonfiglio
  11. In Bad Times Come Good Things
  12. Brawn and Bruises: A Love Story
  13. Insert Pretentious Coming-of-age Story Title Here
  14. My Family HATES Me
  15. Me vs. Them

However, in reading these, they too seem lame. I’m not really good with titles. It’s definitely harder to come up with a title than it is to write the whole story, or poem, or whatever. I suppose that’s what publishers are for. However, I’ve been in bookstores and libraries enough times to find many of the titles either too on-the-nose or just plain ridiculous. Especially books written by celebrities. This Time Together by Carol Burnett. Out of Sync by Lance Bass. Life is Not a Fairytale by Fantasia Barrino. Gag me with a spoon. Fiction titles aren’t any better. Have you read Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who… series? No offense, but titles like The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest sound like episodes from America’s Next Top Model.

If anyone wants to contribute a possible title, send me a message.


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