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… after some thought, I have decided that I can’t blog my novel anymore. This does not mean that I have given up on my novel. But, frankly, I just can’t find the time to commit to doing this. I’m obviously inept at blogging, and I don’t know if I can find the motivation to blog on anything. I need to step back and figure out what I’m doing wrong. I have so much to say about the world, and I have more stories to tell, but right now, I just can’t do it.

As for my novel, well, I am struggling with that as well. I can’t seem to make time to work on it. But I’m still going to go through with finishing it. Perhaps doing it off the Internet will be better for the whole project.

I thank you all, however small in number, for patronizing my infrequent posts throughout the past year. I hopefully will have produced my first novel in a few months. After that, who knows? Thanks again.


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What I’m doing now

In the next two months, I hope to have completed all the chapters in my novel. In addition, I will revise and edit and create final drafts for my existing chapters. I plan on marketing my novel by myself, and hopefully it will fall in the hands of a publisher.

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